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KG Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce a new product line to our portfolio. The HVDC Relay products offer high reliability switching to DC applications including Electric Vehicles, EV Charging Devices, Wind/Power/Solar Systems, and Energy Storage Systems. As the EV market continues to grow, KG has the right products


  • Fully UC3 compliant per IEC 62055-31 annex C at 277 VAC
  • Separate auxiliary contacts to detect relay state
  • 4kV dielectric strength between coil and contacts
  • Custom assemblies available with flexwire
    and/or copper straps, and/or with integrated shunt
  • RoHS compliant

Bottom view with auxiliary contacts show


A division of our group company, Hongfa Automation, has developed an automated flat mask machine that allows the ability to produce 100K masks per day. Review the presentation material below and contact us at for detailed information.

Is your production being held up due to the ‘new mas