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At KG Technologies, we utilize a full in-house production and distribution model that allows us to ensure high quality from initial tooling to final product delivery.

Advanced Relay Manufacturing: Our nearly 60,000 square meter state-of-the-art in Hongfa factory provides in-house tool and die construction, plastic injection molding, precision staged and progressive stamping as well as welding, riveting and brazing processes. This autonomy ensures the highest quality from initial tooling to final product delivery. In addition, we work with our suppliers to procure high-quality materials for our products, providing the best lead times and pricing for our customers.

Logistically Superior: With more than 50 million latching relays operating in the field and the ability to produce up to 40 million pieces annually, KG Technologies is poised to handle the demands of the growing energy management market. Our customers can rest assured that once their product is designed and tested, our logistics team will make certain that it reaches its destination, wherever it may be in the world - on time, every time. KG Technologies' logistics team is skilled in working with freight forwarders to develop convenient and cost-effective logistics channels globally.

High Standards: KG Technologies adheres to the highest standards in the industry including, ISO 9001, QS 9000, ISO 14001, and RoHS. In addition, our factory complies with international health and safety requirements to protect our employees and continually improve working conditions.

At KG Technologies, we are proud of our dependable manufacturing capabilities. From initial idea to final production, we provide flexible solutions, quick turnarounds, and offer high-quality solutions to meet your energy management needs. We invite you to contact us for a site visit to see our facilities firsthand.


Success Story

"2000% Production Increase"

A KG Technologies’ customer needed to increase their K120 latching relay production from 10,000 relays per week to 200,000 relays per week in just 12 weeks.

KG Technologies' engineers and supply chain team took to the drawing board to design a new production schedule. They ensured that we met the project needs without any decreases in quality. Within 8 weeks, we increased production 2000%, upheld KG Technologies' high quality, and set up dependable shipping lanes by air and sea.

Our customer received their latching relays 4 weeks ahead of schedule without any disruptions. KG Technologies’ dedication to service and high-quality production allowed our client to fulfill their supply commitments.