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Designing to Standards Simply Produces Standard Results

By Tim Wells

September 2013 - The smart grid is changing the way we power our lives. Latching relay companies who understand how to design products that meet international standards yet exceed expectations will provide a long term, high quality solution for meter manufacturers, as well as long term financial savings for energy producers.

Download the 2-page PDF and learn more about how KG Technologies is creating innovative latching relay technology that is continuing to raise the bar for quality and value.

About Tim Wells:

Tim WellsFor over a decade, Tim Wells has been working at companies at the forefront of innovative technologies, from where he has brought his expertise in leveraging customer relationships to enhance product design to KG Technologies. Now as Vice President of Engineering, he is cultivating global customer relationships to design innovative solutions for the smart meter market.


Maximize Your Supply Chain: Understanding Your True Costs

By Paul Ibanez

March 2012 - Success in the smart meter market requires smart products and smart management. As the world continues to shrink due to globalization, customer demands and expectations continue to expand. Companies that succeed in this new economy need to develop ways to build smart value chains.

Download the 2-page PDF and learn more about KG Technologies' business practices that allow it to maximize its value chain to provide the best value in the industry.

About Paul Ibanez:

Paul IbanezPaul Ibanez is a value chain champion with global expertise delivering competitive supply chain advantages to a variety of fast growth environments, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 multi-nationals. He brings an extensive background of strategic competitiveness in the areas of supply chain, logistics, and transportation operations to his role as Supply Chain Manager at KG Technologies. Prior to joining KG Technologies and the metering industry, he was at the forefront of delivering iPods, iPhones and then iPads to the global consumer marketplace.