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KG Relays, Current Sensing Products and customized meter base assemblies are the leading solutions for Smart Metering applications. With decades of experience, KG is the market leader in delivering high-quality application specific solutions for smart energy metering as well as utility network protection and control.

Current Transformers (CT’s) are used in Smart Metering applications to:

  • Accurately measure the energy consumption of loads connected to the meter with a very high level of accuracy
  • Monitor devices to determine if conductors that are connected to a smart meter have been tampered with.

Latching relays perform a very important safety role in Smart Metering Products. Their main function is to safely disconnect load from the utility supply in the event of a fault, tampering or if pre-configured conditions occur.

In metering applications a customized shunt can be integrated into the relay assembly to measure load current. This further reduces the overall product footprint and provides a cost optimized solution.

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complex smart metering schematic


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All KG Technologies, Inc. and Hongfa Group products meet or exceed the latest industry requirements.

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