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KG Technologies - The Most Reliable Latching Relays in the Energy Management Market


The Most Reliable Latching Relays in the Market

For more than a decade, KG Technologies has specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-powered, high-quality latching relays. We offer a line of latching relays spanning from 5A to 200A for both single-phase and polyphase switching purposes. Designed, built, and tested to meet the industry's highest performance standards, KG Technologies' relays offer the best value in the energy management market.

We develop technology using innovative ways to save energy and money for both producers and consumers of electricity. We take pride in having one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. For the customer, this translates into a significant savings in costs and minimizes the number of costly field service trips.

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Data Sheet Glossary: Each of the KG Technologies' latching relays has its own specific data sheet available for download by searching our product listings (available in the menus on the left). KG Technologies' engineering team provides a helpful Data Sheet Glossary of terms for understanding the various technical aspects of our informative data sheets.


Switching To A Greener Tomorrow™

KG Technologies - Switching to a Greener Tomorrow

KG Technologies is leading the way in developing high-quality latching relays and solutions to support the growth of the smart meter market. The stage is set for the emergence of other green technologies that will improve the way the world meets its ever-increasing energy needs. With years of experience in providing solutions to make the world greener, KG Technologies is positioned to meet the future needs of the solar energy market.

Switch to a greener tomorrow with KG Technologies today. Contact us and learn more.

Success Story

"Smaller Yet More Powerful"


Our latest challenge required delivering more performance from a smaller and safer latching relay for the multi-year, multi-million smart meter rollouts in two major European markets.

To meet the stricter short circuit and dielectric requirements of the French and UK markets, our team designed the smaller, yet more powerful K125—a fully-certified UC3 100A latching relay.

Rated at 277VAC, the K125 remains functional even after a 6000A short circuit and exceeds all safety standards. The K125 is just one example of how KG Technologies achieves cost-to-performance balance within its design methodology.

We were able to reduce the size of our latching relays while also improving relay performance at a advantageous price point – all with fully compliant UC3 relays.

This achievement has positioned us well to support both the French and UK metering market demands over the next 10 years.