We work with you so that our products work for you.
















"We work with you so that
our products work for you










Flexible Applications

Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Flexible Applications Customized to Your Needs

KG Technologies is a company designed and organized to provide flexible solutions from the design process through final product delivery. At the start of each project, we work with our customers' engineers to understand their specific product needs and develop the most cost-effective and high- performance assemblies. We design our latching relays to improve form, fit, as well as optimize performance.

Flexible Design Solutions: Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize products using welding, brazing, and riveting processes. We also have the ability to provide complete assemblies which reduce additional labor once our customers receive our products. These components include shunt resistors, current transformers, brass terminals, and wire leads/connectors.

Invaluable Industry Knowledge: We have consistently designed and manufactured high-quality, reliable latching relays that allow our customers to manage their energy loads more effectively and efficiently through remote disconnect/reconnect capabilities. With our cumulative knowledge and experience, KG Technologies has an intrinsic understanding of the energy management industry, giving us the ability to understand our clients’ needs and provide them with successful, proven solutions.

KG Technologies' Service: Commitment to customer service is as vital to us as the quality and integrity of our products. KG Technologies' experts, from engineers to the logistics team work to provide flexible solutions from the design process through final product delivery. From our world headquarters in Cotati, California to our satellite offices around the globe, we focus on meeting the needs of our customers wherever they may be located.

Throughout our manufacturing and fulfillment processes, our experienced logistics team continuously ensures that we maintain effective lead times to meet our customers' needs. For more information on how "we work with you so that our products work for you," contact KG Technologies.

Success Story

"3 Relays, 2 Assemblies,
1 Supply Chain"


During a discussion with the KG Technologies' engineering team, a client expressed the need for a meter assembly requiring the use of two differently rated relays—a need that competitors were unable to fulfill.

After listening to their needs and analyzing our relay capabilities, we designed innovative solutions using our K109, K120, and K300 relays. We fulfilled an unmet market need and even took it a step further. Our designs included full assemblies using brass terminals, screws, wiring, connectors, and CTs (current transformers). In the end, we built the differently rated relays into two meter base assemblies on our production line.

KG Technologies was able to consolidate our client’s supply chain, reducing lead time and overall cost. Doing so allowed us to maintain our expected high level of quality throughout the full production cycle. In addition, we successfully met the client’s goals for cost, performance, form factor and scheduling.