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K128 Latching Relay

The K128 Relay
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Straight from the Engineers - the K128

In 2011, a new relay was born - the K128 200A power latching relay. As one of KG Technologies' many success stories in providing tailor-made, high-quality solutions, the K128 latching relay was created to meet a previously unmet market need. Learn what KG engineers have to say about one of KG Technologies' newest products.

What can you tell us about the K128?
The K128 is an ANSI C12.1 Class 200 compliant and IEC 62055-31:UC3 certification pending relay built for the global metering market. The relay was built in response to feedback from a key client who needed a more versatile solution in the Class 200 metering market. Previously there were no 200A single-phase latching relays on the market, yet our client needed the versatility to meet their performance needs.

How were you able to respond to the need so quickly?
When we were first approached about developing a solution, we took time to clearly understand our client's needs for their end product. Next, our design team hit the drawing board quickly working up modified designs of our two-phase K240 200A power latching relay and also began interfacing directly with our manufacturing partners to build and test samples. Within 5 months, we were able to design, build, and test initial samples for our client.

Our ability to work with our clients and each collaborator across our supply chain, gives us the flexibility to modify designs and customize products with shorter lead times than most companies in our industry.

What makes the K128 unique in the market?
First, it's the only 200A single-phase relay currently on the market. Second, similar to our very popular K120 latching relay, the K128 offers many advantages for which KG Technologies owns full intellectual property rights. The K128 latching relay meets the high-quality standards that customers have come to expect from KG Technologies, such as low power consumption and low failure rates - truly dependable manufacturing. We are also able to customize the K128 to create flexibility for our customers. It can be built with copper extensions, flexwire, brass terminals, CT's, and/or integrated shunts.

The same technology used in our single-phase K128 relay can also be found in our two-phase 200A relay (the K240) and many of our other products. For more information, visit our Products.

Success Story

"A New Latching
Relay is Born"


One of our clients required a brand new 200A single-phase latching relay that was not available on the market.

Our engineers listened to the client’s specific needs and requirements and designed a new product in record time. In less than 5 months, KG Technologies’ designed, tested and began full production on a brand new K128 latching relay.

KG Technologies offered our client a tailor-made solution to meet their unique needs with a newly-designed, high-quality latching relay in an unusually short amount of time.